About Us

In 2015, Amanda was a full time student pursuing her Master's Degree as well as being a full time employee for a non-profit. She created her first sewn zipper pouch with the intentions of making an item that would hold all 40 pens that she carried around with her at the time. (YES IT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF PENS, since then she has downsized to 15), but anyways, that one zipper pouch needed a keychain to finish off that zipper pouch, one keychain turned into, Just a Dream Hawaii, a stationery and charm shop for those who love cute, sparkly and functional goodies. now in 2021, rebranded and a full time business here we are, CHARM'N DREAMS....

Let's start from the beginning
Ever since I was little I would hoard stationery, piles of notebooks and pens, colored pencils and all sorts of school supplies, keychains, and stickers. Being able to just color away or scratch at a piece of paper, doodles and ideas, brought endless happiness to my life. 20+ years later and I'm still the same, you couldn't catch me without my planner or a bullet journal and a handful of pens in my bag. Hopefully one day soon I can bring all of my ideas into fruition and make charm'n dreams the complete shop I want it to be, but to be honest, like Disney my shop will never be completed there will always be something new to explore.

While what started off as a small shop of zipper pouches and charms to match, this little side hustle got me a lower management position for a local craft store in 2017. I worked on my craft and lucky me, was exposed to resin techniques and products from Japan that weren't yet offered in the US. (some, still not available in the US either), During that time as I tried to work my way up the management ladder I also was able to experiment with many other mediums, while learning and teaching classes in resin, paint, clay , kids crafts and much more. I grew my knowledge from others and by chance to get to the quality product I can offer you all today. I had my chance to experiment with products and find what works best for me while delivering the best creations possible at the most affordable prices.

In 2019, it was time I bid farewell to the craft sore that I loved so much to focus on my mental and physical health. Along the way I had to learn my style which became the "glitter barf" which you all know, by now. I fell in love with the amount of sparkle and colors that the light reflects on each item and has become my signature look. For those of you who have a product of mines from 2019 to the present day, flip your piece over, to the back side, you will be overwhelmed with my custom signature, which is a special blend of glitter that is applied to the back of every resin piece that not only secures your keychain to it's bail (not all resin charm creators do this method of reinforcing your bail to its piece), but also is proof to you that your item was made by me, and not some random factory somewhere.

Each item in my shop is made by hand, and no 2 items will be exactly alike. Many keychains and charms are one and done where I may not bring it back so when you see one that calls to you. Jump on it, I may not be able to replicate it again. Since these are handmade some items may have minor flaws or imperfections, I do try my best and wouldn't sell anything that I personally wouldn't want to brag about as something I created lol, so rest assured, the items you see on this website and any other platform, or even in person, is made with the best quality possible. no cutting corners, no rushed jobs definitely no half a$$'d just sell it for a quick buck, happening here.

My end goal is to have every piece that I've created to go to a good home where they would be enjoyed and bring happiness to your day.
Thank you for supporting me and my dreams and loving my creations as much as I do.

Amanda Panda